Paolina is an exceptional instructor, leader and innovator in the world of Pilates. She is deeply sensitive, takes a refreshingly holistic approach to her work and considers the whole person, mind, body and spirit. – Elissa H.

Paolina is a true expert. She has practiced the Pilates discipline her whole life and worked as professional instructor for 14 years. She was introduced to Pilates by
her first teacher, the renowned Carola Treir, collegue and disciple of Joseph Pilates at the tender age of eleven, when she was referred to Carola, by William A. Liebler, pioneer dance doctor for the treatment of knee problems. She worked with Carola through High School, sometimes three times a week, at her studio on 240 West 58th Street.

Paolina Weber is a Pilates Method Alliance® Certified Pilates Instructor. She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine accredited personal trainer, with continuing education workshops and certifications for Post Rehabilitation Education from The Continuum Center For Health and Healing and Pre/Post Natal Fitness from the International Sports Medicine Association; Pilates for Osteoporosis, for Pregnancy, for the Illiopsoas Muscle from the Kinected Pilates Center in New York. And recently Pilates for Youth, a two day workshop presented by the PMA® Pilates for Youth Initiative Program. Paolina has designed several fitness and movement science programs herself, (trademark pending for many), including: Transformative Pilates, Corebell (kettlebell) workouts, Barre rebooted, Prenatal and Post-natal Fitness Challenge, a Kids Play-lates program, and Older Adult Classes. She also teaches a variety of regular pilates mat classes from advanced repertoire classes to fundamentals for a range of populations from professionals to absolute beginner. Most of her work however is one on one in a Pilates studio on the equipment where her services are in demand by clients and studio owners alike.


She received her Pilates Training with the Kane School of Core Integration, the Stott Pilates International Certification Center, and Peak Pilates. She is also a graduate of The University of Chicago and the Bronx High School of Science. She has worked as a professional actress and is also a mother of two young children.

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