Pilates for Older Adults

The PILATES CHAIR CLASSES at the Y are an equipment based Pilates class, using the tension of springs that are attached to the foot-bar of a chair, to build deep core muscles and improve posture.
This workout takes a mat class to a whole new level! By exercising with spring resistance and proper alignment, you target a deeper layer of muscles, help joint stability and gain tremendous strength and coordination. These workouts are an affordable way to work on Pilates equipment and get personalized attention in a small group.

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These classes are great for older adults. We avoid all exercises contraindicated for Osteoperosis. Paolina studied how to teach Pilates for Osteoerosis at the Kane school with Rebecca Rotstein. PT. Therefore all exercises in the class do not involve spinal flexion! We work very hard and ensure that you have stretched you, gotten taller, absolutely worked your core and even built up your bones.

Classes are by registration, ongoing enrollment, pro-rated.
Fee: $144 for members and $219 for non-members.
* make up classes allowed with instructor permission only during the term
NEW TIME Spring 2014 Wednesday 10:15 am
Come try your first class free! Call number on flyer to reserve.