Pilates For Teens


After taking Paolina’s introduction to Pilates class I had a newfound  awareness of my body, allowing me to be a lot more in tune with my body’s motions. The exercise left me feeling, not only, at peace with my body,but I couldn’t help but feel a bit stronger.
-Tori R. , 17, West Side YMCA Member


Joe Pilates talked about creating good habits early one, he said “First we educate the child.” To help improve self esteem, he felt his exercises would, give children a better sense of self. He wanted children to learn to live in their own body, to learn better breathing and posture, and felt his exercises would prevent illness, obesity and develop strength of body and character.

“In Pilates, form is everything and Paolina is very good at conveying exactly how exercises must be done. She is a great motivator!” – Randy F.

Paolina on Reformer