Postnatal Pilates at West side Y

“Paolina has such a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology. Working with her made me feel strong and healthy. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes TWO WEEKS after my daughter was born.” – Kathleen T.


Post Natal Pilates is a class designed specifically for mother’s who are ready to start getting their bodies back into shape.

The Class is WEDNESDAYS, 11: 45 AM, at 5 West 63 Street, between Central Park West and Broadway

“I have been working out with Paolina for 2 years – prenatal, postnatal, and now again prenatal pilates. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and on a personal level considerate with a wonderful personality and great energy.” – Amy B

With a class based on the core Pilates repertoire, we begin with a gentle challenge to the mom’s core, ensuring safety at each step. Understanding the changes your body goes through, Post Natal Pilates class will include thoughtful exercises to slowly and carefully give your body the chance to heal while at the same time strengthening your core.

The class structure is adapted to the special needs of a post partum mother, so every exercise is carefully selected keeping in mind the particular challenges mom’s face.

With a combination of standing, seated, and lying down exercises, the program is a hard-core strengthening class, with adaptations made for Post Natal care.
A typical class will include doing standing weights and squats with the back supported by a stability ball, followed by lying down with yoga blocks to prop hips and challenge the legs and core. Utilizing thera-bands and hand weights, the arms and core will be challenged. Every class is different and is adaptable to each stage of Post Natal life.
And most importantly, your babies are welcome too! Many of the exercises involve interacting with your baby. For example, doing pelvic lifts or knee lifts with your child on your tummy!
Having had two babies herself, she understands how hard it is to work out!