Prenatal : private sessions

Pilates for pregnancy helps strengthen the body, aligns the posture and calms the mind!

“Paolina has such a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology. Working with her made me feel strong and healthy… I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes TWO WEEKS after my daughter was born.” – Kathleen T.


“I found the right teacher to help me during my pregnancy! Paolina is a very patient, professional and responsible Pilates Instructor! I recommend her services highly.” – Ilse S.

paolina with newborn My recent interview by Desintation Maternity’s Blog

What do you love about teaching prenatal fitness?
I love teaching prenatal fitness because I remember what it was like to be pregnant and being afraid that I would never look good again. I remember feeling out of control, because so many changes were happening at once, and when I exercised I felt so much better!

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Prenatal sessions are modified for maximal use of the abdominals isometrically and contraction of the pelvic floor (which drops during pregnancy and must be strengthened for quick post partum recovery). With an emphasis on stabilizing the body, we address the many problematic regions in pregnancy like the lower back and SI joint. Moreover, by teaching better breathing, encouraging posterior lateral breath, and stretching the upper back, we address rib cage pain that is caused by the diaphragm moving upward as the uterus grows.

Because it becomes harder to lie on your back as the pregnancy progresses, Paolina modifies how you are positioned on the equipment. Having been pregnant herself TWICE and having fully recovered with minimal diastis rectii, she is a testament to the fact that, yes, with medical clearance, you can do abdominals and specifically, Pilates, while you’re pregnant, to help you push on ‘the big day’ and after to look amazing!


Payment is made directy to the Y, contact to schedule. ( 24 hours notice is required for all changes and cancellations.)